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Nebula R&D 5-Minute Summary


If you only have 5 minutes to understand our business, please read this. Details are available in pages on this site. We hope that you will contact us if you have specific questions about anything you see.

Nebula Research and Development provides products and services which are mostly focused around the Pick / MultiValue / Multidimensional database market. As we grow we are expanding to support many other environments, in particular we do a lot of work with Microsoft .NET and related technologies. Our goal is to help other developers to be successful by selling their software to a wider audience. We do this in many ways.

We can function purely as a vendor, providing development tools and related education, support, and coding services. In this role, software developers buy quality products from us to enhance their own offering, and/or we sell time and materials for consultation or direct coding. Our specialties include adding new user interfaces and communications components to existing software.

We also partner with other companies to sell and support their offerings with as much as dedication as we have to our own. We will sell many products directly and provide related services to other resellers and end-users. We welcome inquiries from vendors to see if their products fit with the Nebula offering.

As a distributor for some products, we welcome Value-Add Resellers to resell the products and services that we have assembled into the Nebula family of offerings. By registering with us as a VAR, a company instantly increases their own set of offerings to new and existing clients. As just part of our value-add to our VAR channel, we provide technical support as well as assistance for the sales and development processes. We will help our VARs to sell our products and services. We hope that software companies will find our value-add compelling and sign with us to resell some of the fine products we’ve assembled.

We continue to develop our own products and provide unique services. We offer these through our resellers, and direct to other resellers and end-users as appropriate.

We usually lead with the following tools but we firmly believe that projects should use the right tools for the job, not simply the tools that a vendor prefers: jBASE, D3, mv.NET, PDP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, FlashCONNECT, Web Services. A complete list of technologies that we work with is available.

So if you sell software, please contact us about working with our distribution channel. If you're an end-user, please contact us to discuss your business needs. We're sure we and/or our respected colleagues will be able to satisfy all of your requirements.

Thank you for your time.


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