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1.  How do I get this product?

2.  How does the service work?

3.  I'm concerned about the confidentiality of my documents.

4.  How do I get the JET documents to Nebula R&D?

How do I get this product?

At this time, ConnectingFlight is offered as a service and not a product. This is because we have found that some sites have some interesting manual customization in their formatiing which the program didn't previously understand. Even the guy who maintains JET was amazed that JET processed some of the codes we are seeing here.

How does the service work?

You must send your documents to Nebula R&D for us to process. Though we could come to your site, some conversions take weeks to process because of discussions, code changes, and investigation into non-standard codes that we find. On-site conversion would be much too costly.

I'm concerned about the confidentiality of my documents

This is probably the only reason why we've lost a couple prospects. We will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement of your choosing, or provide you with a simple agreement which guarantees protection of your documents. Tony Gravagno, owner of Nebula R&D has over 20 years vested in Pick/MultiValue, and we are building a new business on the faith of our clients. We have no intention of jeopardizing that by betraying client confidentiality. We do look at all documents for proper formatting, but we do not read the content.

All we can ask you is: What can we do to help you trust us with your documents?

How do I get the JET documents to Nebula?

Documents must be provided to us in D3 pseudo-tape form, or with each document saved as a Windows file. There is a media format conversion required if we must process tapes. Data can be sent via e-mail if zipped into files of less than 3MB in size, we can download them from an FTP site, or we will accept a CD which can hold 650MB. Details and other options can be discussed during project planning.

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