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Intelligent User Interfaces

I’m researching options for incorporating natural language inquiries into business applications. For example, we should be able to ask questions like “how much did we make from XCorp last year”, “how many clients do we have in Ohio”, “is Bob Smith still with XCorp”, “how many orders came in through Atlanta yesterday”, “is truck 192 [...]

Amazon Web Services and MV Taboo

I’m looking through Amazon AWS services to possibly host testing environments, SQL Server integration, etc. This is also a part of my occasional research (Nebula R&D, get it?) to get a better idea of what companies are demanding these days.

Building Community

I haven’t posted on my blog for a while (or updated the software, ouch). So I thought I’d take some time toward the end of this year to open a topic that’s dear to my heart, community in the MultiValue / Pick industry, and what we can do to improve it.

MV Monitoring and Notification Part 2

A good comment was made by Peter McMurray in the LinkedIn Pick User Group: “Interesting idea based on a sound principle. However I wonder if anyone will pay for it.” My short answer is that there there is a lot of precedent for this in the “mainstream”, but to my knowledge no similar offerings in [...]

Notifications for MV Support Providers

My MV Bot for Slack is progressing nicely. This allows MV VARs and sysadmins to proactively monitor and get notifications of local and remote server events. It notifies a Slack channel with events, and any authorized person can get the data from any device or browser.

D3 OSFI Explored

Access to the OS file system from D3 is possible through the OSFI – the Open System File Interface. Over time I’ve noticed some confusion in how our colleagues use and under-use this feature, so I thought I’d clarify a couple points here.

Shellshock Update 01-Oct-2014

(Follow-up to Shellshock1) With a pro-active response to the issue, Rocket Software has confirmed that their D3 and U2 products have been checked against vulnerabilities known to-date. But we need to take this a bit further.

Shellshock Bug – MUST READ

A security bug in BASH has been identified. News is spreading fast all over the internet. Details here – or just Google for “shellshock”. Updates will be made to this blog page as required. This page will be focused on the MultiValue industry and will not be updated with general breaking news, as that information [...]

Choosing JavaScript frameworks, the bigger picture

It looks like I haven’t written in a long time. On the contrary, I’ve been writing a Lot, just not all here. And what I have written here I haven’t posted simply because I’ve been holding onto it all for editing. One of these days I need to put it into my ToDoList to just [...]

Can Rocket Software fix the Pick industry?

I’ve had a lot of chats with people about what’s wrong with the Pick/MultiValue industry. The discussions are similar and usually end with a “that’s nice but there’s nothing we can do”.

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