Munge or do not

I’m highly amused at attempts I’ve seen in public forums to munge email addresses.

New Product and New Forum

We released a new product today, though it’s been on the website for about a month to start drumming up interest – and that it did. NebulaXLite allows MV BASIC to create "real" Excel workbooks – and it seems to work with OpenOffice and Google Doc Spreadsheets too! We also have a new forum to [...]

Local Fires 3

I’m updating my map with bits I get from here and there. Unless someone thinks it’s important for me to continue this effort, I’m only going to update once or twice a day now. I’ll leave this topic with some (uncommonly?) direct comments on how people view events like this.

Local Fires 3

There are power fluctuations so the network and phones keep going down. Seems like it’s only happening in one part of the building – weird. We’re a couple miles from the action but the air is rich with the smell of burning wood and some people are having issues with it irritating their eyes and [...]

Local Fires 2

As of this moment it doesn’t look like the Santiago Canyon fire will be contained anytime soon.

Local Fires

There is only one fire in this area at the moment. I’m posting a map showing the location of the fire and local MV businesses.

SQL with Excel

This is a response to an inquiry in the U2 tech forum about the need to use [Worksheet$] syntax in a SQL query, and the idea that an Excel worksheet is treated like a System Table. This isn’t really a U2 topic so I thought I’d tackle it here.

Don’t Migrate – Integrate

Faced with a migration from your current software package? Lost a client to Oracle, SAP, Quckbooks? Many MV shops lose the war because they aren’t invited to the battles. And sometimes even the people who win wind up losing. There is a better way.

Mixed Messages

Why do I suddenly feel like someone just asked me if this computer thing will really catch on, or if water is a good idea?

D3 C Functions – Part 1: Confusing docs?

A recent forum posting said the D3 Reference Manual is "confused" about which %functions are for Unix and which are for Windows. I have a lot of comments on this topic but with just a couple minor exceptions I disagree with the statement that the doc is really "confused" anymore.

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