Was the Gravitational Constant ever Variable?

Thinking about the other post on the speed of light, I wonder about other “constants”. Is it possible that gravity was weaker or stronger in the past? Might it just appear to be a constant now because at this moment that we look at it, over some thousands of years of human history, it doesn’t [...]

When did the Speed of Light become a Law?

To give you an idea of what this category is about, I’ll toss a simple one out at ya…

WordPress Enhancements

 This post will contain a list of enhancement ideas that I come up with. At some point I’ll submit the list to them or I’ll try to do a couple of them myself.

WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

I was originally impressed with the WordPress WYSIWYG editor – then I saw limitations. Now, as with every aspect of WP, it seems this area can be customized or replaced altogether, so I guess I’ll find an adequate solution soon.

Master Pages and w3HtmlInsertSection

Whenever I read about ASP.NET Master Pages I’m immediately reminded of how they are just like FlashCONNECT w3HtmlInsertSection. See the code for the Template: Multiple Sections demo, then see this for a short intro to master pages: CodeGuru: An In-Depth Coverage of ASP.NET 2.0′s Master Pages: Part 1 of 3

ASP.NET tables

I have to remember to not use the Table Server Control unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Handcoding web.sitemap

I decided to check out the System.Web.UI.WebControls.SiteMapPath for a project I’m working on. Sometimes I’ll research the tools in my toolkit and other times I’ll just pick up the tool and see what I can do with it – in this case I chose the latter approach. This is going to require some reading on [...]

To blog or not to blog…

I’ve had various reasons for not doing a blog, but now there are reasons to do one.


I’m Tony Gravagno and I welcome you to this site.

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