Advances in Excel document generation for MV

I recently blogged and Introduction to NebulaXPlus. Today I present a slightly different approach to that introduction. Consider this an AD, but I believe it will help to explain what we’re now able to do.

Introducing NebulaXPlus

If you want to create sophisticated Excel workbooks with your Pick BASIC application, you may be using NebulaXLite. While a “lite” tool, it does satisfy most needs. If you want to do more we now have NebulaXPlus.

MV to the web – Part 2

This is part 2 in the “MV to the web” series. In the first part I described code changes needed to specific functions to separate out the UI from the rules. In this part I’ll describe a structure you can use for all program item/subroutines to organize your modularized functions.

MV to the web – Part 1

A lot of BASIC developers still want to get to the web, but they aren’t sure what’s required. Let’s work it out here. This is Part 1 of 4 blog/articles that will help to get you started.

Android apps … for MV?

I have a feeling I know what the answer here is but… I’ve been working on Android apps recently and I was wondering what people think about an Android-based front-end to their MV app. I’ll prep you now, there’s a bit of commentary here. I’m just slamming out the text as I think about it [...]

Q&A on MVSP from TigerLogic

People are asking questions about the new MVSP connectivity from TigerLogic. I’ll try to answer some of them here. This isn’t intended to be an exhaustive comparison, just an attempt to clarify where this option fits.

Back in my day…

A discussion in the U2 forum got me thinking. When Pick people talk about how great Pick is, what’s really happening is that they’re holding on dearly to simpler times in the face of the onslaught of the modern world. Our generation is no different than those that came before us. It’s kinda fun to [...]

Upgrading U2PE 2011

In 2008 I upgraded my Universe and Unidata PE Windows systems and made some notes here. Today I upgraded to Unidata v7.2.7 and Universe v11.1.1. Here are notes on these latest releases.

MV to/from RDBMS – Not as tough as it sounds

I’ve posted notes here on exchanges between the MVDBMS and Relational databases. I think anyone who needs to do this should be able to take the info here and run with it.

NebulaXLite Deactivating

Valued clients – Once again I’ve been informed that NebulaXLite is likely to de-activate sometime soon. As discussed here in my blog this only happens on Windows after an OS update, once or twice per year at some sites, and not at all at others.

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