“Lite” telephony with MV

Over the last year I’ve been working intensely with telephony apps which integrate with MV – and I’ve blogged on this topic as well. This includes voice in/out and SMS in/out. If you have any interest in adding telephone or texting access into your app, check this out…

Latest work with SMS

I wrote a while back about what one of our clients is doing with SMS. Since then we have taken their SMS to a completely new level. I’d like to share what we’re doing, and how we’re doing it, to give you ideas about what’s possible in both the technical and business sense. Let your [...]

Controlling MV by phone Part 3

In November 2010 I wrote a couple blogs about using a telephone to interface with MV applications. After completing a few successful projects I decided to make the interface a bit more generic for others to use. Here’s some info on that effort.

Controlling MV by phone Part 2

As a result of my recent blog on using telephones as an alternative user interface device, one of our clients requested phone access to their data. The first task is to allow sales reps and other authorized users to get inventory data by phone. The second task is to allow delivery people to send an [...]

Controlling MV by phone

We have the ability to control the Pick/MultiValue DBMS and applicaions via SMS/texting or with any land-line phone. This is possible using various mechanisms, and I and others have done this in various ways for years. But to my knowledge there are no packaged offerings that allow people to do this simply and “out of [...]

The telephone : Just another UI

Many of you know that I’ve been doing more work with Twilio over the last few months. I’ve been progressing slowly simply for lack of time but things are starting move more quickly. We’re starting to look toward near-term deployment of new apps based on the Twilio platform. These are intended toward a general consumer [...]

Starting to use FBGraph.NET

If you’re a .NET developer and interested in Facebook development, the FBGraph.NET SDK is definitely going to be of value. Keep an eye on the project for when it gets published. Here are today’s notes

MV to anything … sure, why not?

In the U2 forum the question was asked “Has anyone implemented Microsoft TAPI in a Universe application?” Let’s call this a FAQ and reword it as “How do we connect anything to an MV DBMS?” It doesn’t matter if you have Universe, jBase, D3, or QM. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about TAPI, [...]

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