Should our code be DBMS-agnostic?

This became a topic of discussion in the U2 forum recently and I thought I’d post some brief comments here about how I approach this topic with client code that interfaces to the MV DBMS.

A closer look at mv.NET – Part 1

I’m going to post a few articles to describe various facets of mv.NET, both for people who have never seen it as well as for those who are using it. I’ll start here with info about webinars, a video, and some info about the “big picture”.

SQL Server and MV – Part 1

In a recent U2 forum thread, difficulties were documented about moving data directly between SQL Server and Unidata. This thread is just like many others there and in other forums. The question is always about issues with direct connections between environments. I posted a blog here in August 2009 where the question was about TAPI [...]

Diagnosing Connectivity Errors

When a UniObjects.NET operation fails, how do you know what happened? What about mv.NET? Heck, it doesn’t matter what tool you use. Sometimes things just stop working. Here are some tips that may help in the detection and recovery process for any MV DBMS or connectivity tools…

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