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  Name Modified Description ReadMe
Comparative AQL 2008-Jun-27 MV BASIC program that enables D3 AQL statements to compare the value of one field with another as part of the selection process. This is not native functionality in D3 and is considered a feature only found in other MV platforms.  
NebulaDecatalog 2008-Jan-12 Pick BASIC program to decatalog programs without disturbing MD items that do not point to the file containing the object code. Small but significant enhancement over default Decatalog behavior.  
Find Bad Characters 2007-Nov-30 MV BASIC program that accepts a file name, then scans every item ID and data item for invalid data that might cause problems with screen rendering, printing, or data transmissions.  
Notify Admin 2007-Nov-26 Rather than sending a message directly from an application when something important happens, it might be better to use a phantom to send the message, especially when the process that needs to send the message is a file trigger. Sending a message sometimes pauses a process, especially when sending to multiple recipients. You don't want this kind of pause to occur in an intense transaction processing loop, or with Web Services or other internet transactions. This code can be used as a base for a little notification module.  
NebulaSave 2004-Jun-12

Developers will often write a lot of code and then shutdown and go off to other things. This ensures that a snapshot is taken at the time of shutdown, in case the system gets corrupted or in case a back-step is required to code. The automated process removes the requirement to remember to save, manage devices, and manually enter required accounts.

Convert Base 2003-Feb-05 This program will convert any base to any other base. Assume bases are from 2 to 36. That's binary through octal, decimal, and beyond.  
File Status 2007-Aug-08

File might exist but is locked by another application. Use command with no options or -? option to see usage info. Example: [filestatus 3 c:\test\file.txt] This waits 3 seconds for file.txt to become available. Useful for MV apps that try to read from the file system with OSFI or OPENSEQ.

MV Exec 2006-May-23 When executed on a Windows system, mvExec sends a message and data to an MV DBMS, and then returns the results. mvExec opens a connection through mv.NET to a specified DBMS, does a login like any user, runs a program, captures the results, then terminates the connection. (With session pooling mvExec will attach to existing connections, eliminating the performance penalties of constant reconnection.) RTF

ExcelExport 2017-Jan-23

ExcelExport is a command-line utility which will export individual worksheets from a .XLS file into individual .CSV files. All cells are wrapped in double-quotes and separated by commas. Double-quotes within cells are repeated. This differs from most other solutions which can only export one CSV from a workbook, but ExcelExport enables you to export all worksheets into individual CSV files. (See ExcelExport_README.txt for update info)

QMClient v2.0.2 2011-Feb-09

New QMClient.NET now supported by Nebula R and D.

SAVE.RESTORE.AT v1.0 2012-Feb-14

Save/Restore entire accounts using AccuTerm. Save R83 and restore to D3. Save mvBase and restore to QM. Save AP/Pro and restore to Reality. Any platform combination is possible, but as freeware only R83 to D3 has been tested and used in a live project. See README for more info.

Merge/Split v1.0 2012-Feb-14

Merge Include items into the base module. Edit and debug in a single item. Then effortlessly split the item back up into its origina items. Backup is maintained "just in case".


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