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We provide consultation for all aspects of business technology use including pre-development planning, guidance during development, Quality Assurance, and post-development assessments. This is in line with our business model where we explicitly state that our goal is the success of end-users and resellers alike. We assist companies in their search for technical solutions to business problems, providing information about what technologies are available, and vision about how technologies can be used - this is what the Research in Nebula Research and Development is all about. And of course we can assist with the implementation and smooth deployment of those solutions. We can discuss options with you, hopefully for a fee, often for free, depending on the depth of the consultation.

ConsultingExamples of Common Inquiries

How do I integrate images into my MV documents?
How do I send and receive e-mails with the application?
How do I update Microsoft Word or Excel docs with my data?
How do I export my data as a geographical map?
How do I web enable my software?
How do I exchange data with a relational database?
How do I connect to my application with VB or Java?
How do I give all of my field people access to the system?
How can my system interact with trading partners?
Can I use a Palm, Blackberry, Windows CE PDA, or cell phone with my application?
What are my options for a new GUI?
How would Microsoft .NET be used in my environment?


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