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We provide consultation for all aspects of business technology use including pre-development planning, guidance during development, Quality Assurance, and post-development assessments. This is in line with our business model where we explicitly state that our goal is the success of end-users and resellers alike. We assist companies in their search for technical solutions to business problems, providing information about what technologies are available, and vision about how technologies can be used - this is what the Research in Nebula Research and Development is all about. And of course we can assist with the implementation and smooth deployment of those solutions. We can discuss options with you, hopefully for a fee, often for free, depending on the depth of the consultation.


Web Enablement

Nebula R&D assists VARs and end-users with new web interfaces for existing software. There are different kinds of web interfaces including B2B, B2C, intranet, extranet, internet, devices, browsers, and remote thick clients. The tools used depend on the needs. Some of the tools used include XML Web Services, EDI, FlashCONNECT, mv.NET, and ASP.NET. We help to assess the proper tools and make recommendations to our clients. If asked to implement the suggestions, we can develop and deploy new interfaces to-spec, as well as provide follow-up support and enhancements.


GUI Enablement

Nebula R&D now provides services for development of Graphical User Interfaces for Pick/Multi-Value Business Applications. Using a variety of tools, chosen uniquely for each project, we can create a new GUI front-end to augment or replace your existing green screen / Character-based User Interfaces (CUI). GUI for web might be done with tools like DesignBais, FlashCONNECT, or ASP.NET. GUI for thick clients may be done with tools like mv.NET, Java, GTK+, or a variety of other tools and languages depending on the specific business needs.


Code Development

Nebula R&D works with a growing group of recognized and respected professionals to provide large-scale code development services. This group, known as Team1, includes expertise in almost all MultiValue platforms, and a wide variety of languages and protocols. If you need a job done, Nebula Team1 can handle it. A group profile and other details will be posted here as time permits.

.NET Development

One of our fields of specialty is with Microsoft .NET. Our team includes Microsoft-certified professionals who are skilled at proper design and engineering, development, and deployment using the very latest modern methods and tools.

And much much more...

Yes, we've built an awful lot of solutions over the last 25 years or so. Please feel free to express your needs to us and we'll let you know if we can help. If we can't we'll refer you to someone who can.


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