Nebula Research and Development

Nebula Research and Development


This company could easily have been Nebula Systems or Nebula Technologies.

Remember the Dash and 'N' in

The Nebula R&D logo is derived from the Ant Nebula (see image).

Pictures of Nebulae

Nebula animationNebula R&D more appropriately reflects the spirit of the business as well as the offerings.

Many companies want to update their business software but they are not sure what technologies to use. This is why Nebula R&D provides services for Researching technologies.

Once languages and protocols have been decided upon, someone must implement them. Nebula R&D Develops new products, and updates existing applications using mainstream tools and utilities.

And Nebula? There are many definitions for the astronomical phenomenon known as a "nebula". An elegant description of a nebula which seems appropriate here, is : a place in the cosmos which is the birthplace of stars, where organization comes from chaos, and which is beautiful and inspiring in its own right. We hope Nebula R&D lives up to this as we welcome new stars into our nebula of partners and clients.

Also, and very important in the decision making process, the following references, at this time, are also fairly unique on the internet:

Nebula Research and Development
Nebula R&D


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