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For information about what Nebula Research and Development does, please see our 5 Minute Summary.

Tony Gravagno, President of Nebula R&D, has been in IT for over 25 years and has received regional and national awards for excellence in data processing and other fields. He has been in the Pick world for over 20 years, working in many vertical industries and with many horizontal software packages, and is recognized worldwide as an industry authority. He has expanded into the world of .NET with a book credit and many magazine articles. He has spoken to many groups on various IT topics – and brings all of his business and technical experience to every Nebula project.

Nebula R&D has partnered with other companies and individuals to broaden the base of experience and resources available to our clients. All of these related entities are part of the package offering from “the Nebula”.

Products and Services

Our goal is to make it easier to use and sell business applications. Primarily we work with the MultiValue DBMS, but not exclusively. If a reseller can breathe new life into a legacy application, either through our consultation or through use or resale of our products or services, then we consider ourselves successful.

We specialize in moving data to and from business applications, in devices, human interfaces, and system to system exchanges ( B2B, B2C, EDI, WebServices, etc ). If you have a communications need and a MultiValue environment is involved, then we are the company to call.

As you will see by going through this site, we have a strong emphasis on Microsoft .NET technologies. For many reasons, we believe .NET provides a stable and capable platform for many development projects. Please feel free to ask us about how Microsoft .NET fits into your environment.


Our business is largely based on partnering with individuals and companies who provide quality products and services. We present their offerings to new markets, and add our own unique value-add in terms of marketing, end-user services, or product add-ons, to ensure everyone benefits from the relationship. If you would like to partner with us to market your products or services, or you would like to register as a Value-Add Reseller for any of our current offerings, please contact us.


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