Nebula Research and Development provides support and development services related to the Pick / MultiValue DBMS platform. Our specialty is communications, messaging, inter-system transfers and integrations, user interfaces for thick-client, browsers, mobile, devices and web services.

We also provide environment maintenance, system monitoring, debugging, issue handling, updates, new development, and help with existing applications. We assist with system migrations, data exports and imports, and reporting.

This Nebula R&D website has just undergone yet another complete refresh. I’ve created my own little ISP and am now hosting this and many other sites in my own servers. Please forgive some post-upgrade dust.

Nebula R&D was founded 20 years ago. In this time many have commented that they weren’t quite sure what the company did. That’s been a marketing issue but not serious enough to justify significant action. This year, in 2021, we’re retiring Nebula R&D mostly as a way to clearly separate the offerings.

Moving forward, all offerings specific to the MVDBMS will come from MVDBMS Solutions. (Another site in development.) Non-MV offerings will come from other sites dedicated to their niche (to be announced here later).

If you have enjoyed Tony Gravagno’s blogging, MV-specific blogs will be copied to MVDBMS Solutions and refreshed there. Other non-MV blogs will be moved to a new site, Techie Fun, and completely new content will be created there.

During this transition we still welcome your business and support! Long-term relationships are preferred as we invest in our clients and their long-term success. But shorter term projects will be considered as well. Please use the form on our Contact page for all inquiries.