Intelligent User Interfaces

I’m researching options for incorporating natural language inquiries into business applications. For example, we should be able to ask questions like “how much did we make from XCorp last year”, “how many clients do we have in Ohio”, “is Bob Smith still with XCorp”, “how many orders came in through Atlanta yesterday”, “is truck 192 on schedule”, or “where is […]

“Lite” telephony with MV

Over the last year I’ve been working intensely with telephony apps which integrate with MV – and I’ve blogged on this topic as well. This includes voice in/out and SMS in/out. If you have any interest in adding telephone or texting access into your app, check this out…

Controlling MV by phone Part 2

As a result of my recent blog on using telephones as an alternative user interface device, one of our clients requested phone access to their data. The first task is to allow sales reps and other authorized users to get inventory data by phone. The second task is to allow delivery people to send an order number, indicating they’re starting […]

MV to anything … sure, why not?

In the U2 forum the question was asked “Has anyone implemented Microsoft TAPI in a Universe application?” Let’s call this a FAQ and reword it as “How do we connect anything to an MV DBMS?” It doesn’t matter if you have Universe, jBase, D3, or QM. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about TAPI, scanners, weight scales, IM/chat, GPS, […]