Social Media for the MV industry – Part 4

I was inspired to write a little more based on notes by Robert Houben and Bill Haskett. Rather than boring too many colleagues over in the U2 list with one of my loooong notes, I decided to post here. Surprisingly it’s not that long. 🙂

Social Media for the MV industry – Part 2

There has been a fascinating set of responses in email groups to my first post on this topic, and I sincerely respect and appreciate all comments and the time taken to make them. Here is a response for everything I’ve read here so far.

Social Media for the MV industry

Forums are no longer adequate. This blog entry begins a mini-campaign to get more MultiValue/Pick people into social media to exchange business/technical information.

Starting to use FBGraph.NET

If you’re a .NET developer and interested in Facebook development, the FBGraph.NET SDK is definitely going to be of value. Keep an eye on the project for when it gets published. Here are today’s notes

New Facebook blog category

I’ll start this new blog category with a blunt statement. I really dislike Facebook. It’s a wildly popular website/platform/application, but it’s very poor quality software. That said, I plan to write applications that integrate with Facebook (and other sites like Twitter, Google apps, etc) so I’ll document in this section my thoughts and experiences with coding into the platform.