Who is fooling who?

It’s amusing when people ask if something is technically possible, or “envision if you will” some concept, as though other people haven’t already envisioned or even coded a prototype or full solution. Let’s cut to the chase – envision if You will, paying for what you ask.

Back in my day…

A discussion in the U2 forum got me thinking. When Pick people talk about how great Pick is, what’s really happening is that they’re holding on dearly to simpler times in the face of the onslaught of the modern world. Our generation is no different than those that came before us. It’s kinda fun to see it play out.

Upgrading U2PE 2011

In 2008 I upgraded my Universe and Unidata PE Windows systems and made some notes here. Today I upgraded to Unidata v7.2.7 and Universe v11.1.1. Here are notes on these latest releases.

MultiValue – the next “hot new” thing

I would have no problem evangelizing the MultiValue data model as the “hot new” database alternative to the worn relational model. The problem is that none of the MV DBMS vendors seem interested in doing this.

SQL Server and MV – Part 1

In a recent U2 forum thread, difficulties were documented about moving data directly between SQL Server and Unidata. This thread is just like many others there and in other forums. The question is always about issues with direct connections between environments. I posted a blog here in August 2009 where the question was about TAPI and Universe and my answer […]

U2.NET – Where’s the value?

When IBM purchased a license for mv.NET to re-brand as U2.NET, I thought they were going to offer it as a free value-add benefit to their clients. OK, strip out the cross-platform capability, nail it to U2, and give people a development kit that’s a generation beyond UO.NET. That seemed like a good business move. I later found out that […]

Diagnosing Connectivity Errors

When a UniObjects.NET operation fails, how do you know what happened? What about mv.NET? Heck, it doesn’t matter what tool you use. Sometimes things just stop working. Here are some tips that may help in the detection and recovery process for any MV DBMS or connectivity tools…