Who is fooling who?

It’s amusing when people ask if something is technically possible, or “envision if you will” some concept, as though other people haven’t already envisioned or even coded a prototype or full solution. Let’s cut to the chase – envision if You will, paying for what you ask.

Code Collaboration in the MV world?

Will Johnson started a great thread in the U2 forum, asking about where people go to find and support FOSS for the MV DBMS. Well, there are precious few resources for collaboration in this market. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Charts and Graphs from MV

I’m working on a project that requires dynamic charts and graphs. I took another look at Google Charts today, and it didn’t take long to create an interface with MV BASIC. Now I can easily create bar charts, and I’ll soon extend this to support lots of other types like pie charts, line graphs, and candlestick charts. So now do […]