Amazon Web Services and MV Taboo

I’m looking through Amazon AWS services to possibly host testing environments, SQL Server integration, etc. This is also a part of my occasional research (Nebula R&D, get it?) to get a better idea of what companies are demanding these days.

Remote execution of client code from the server

When creating browser applications for Pick applications, people frequently ask how they can execute some code on the PC/client with instructions from the server. We do this all the time with terminal emulators in our “thick client” user interfaces. But what about doing this with a browser?

MV apps for Web2.0

Web2.0, SOA, SaaS – there are similarities and vast differences but what they all have in common is that MV business applications are generally not prepared for any of them. I’m looking for a good accounting system that can be used in the modern business world. If you have one, let me know. If not, here’s how you, the VAR […]

A closer look at mv.NET – Part 1

I’m going to post a few articles to describe various facets of mv.NET, both for people who have never seen it as well as for those who are using it. I’ll start here with info about webinars, a video, and some info about the “big picture”.

Dirt-simple D3 activation – and Web Services

I don’t know how many people know this but activating D3NT is a real breeze in v7.5.x because activations are provided transparently over the internet. Hmmm, this seems to dove-tail with the Web Services blogs.

Web Services for MV – Why?

If you have any interest in my other postings on Web Services for MV, or you’re still not sure why you should be interested, you must read this article at InformationWeek called “Why IT Needs To Push Data Sharing Efforts“. That explains briefly and in clear terms how and why the rest of the world is (or should be) sharing […]

Web Services for MV – The basics

As discussed in another blog, I recently created a new product which will make it a LOT easier for MV developers to make their applications accessible via Web Services. This blog/article goes deeper into explaining what that product does and the thought process in creating it.

New Web Services for MV

We have a new product that’s in a highly functional alpha status and I’d like to enter into discussions with people to discuss required features. In short, this allows BASIC subroutines to quickly render as Web Services for inbound requests from trading partners. It’s primarily an end-user product but of course VARs are welcome to offer this as a value-add […]