D3 Windows or Linux?

I saw another question today about whether a VAR should recommend D3 Windows or D3 Linux. Knowing many sites that have moved from Windows to Linux, and those that have not, I thought I’d post my thoughts on it here for a more general audience.

Q&A on MVSP from TigerLogic

People are asking questions about the new MVSP connectivity from TigerLogic. I’ll try to answer some of them here. This isn’t intended to be an exhaustive comparison, just an attempt to clarify where this option fits.

MultiValue – the next “hot new” thing

I would have no problem evangelizing the MultiValue data model as the “hot new” database alternative to the worn relational model. The problem is that none of the MV DBMS vendors seem interested in doing this.

Dirt-simple D3 activation – and Web Services

I don’t know how many people know this but activating D3NT is a real breeze in v7.5.x because activations are provided transparently over the internet. Hmmm, this seems to dove-tail with the Web Services blogs.

The F;x;P;S;_ trick : Getting the last value from an attribute

For many years Pick developers have relied on a trick to extract the last value element from a multi-valued attribute. I don’t have access to internal F-correlative code to explain why it really works but I can provide an explanation based on observations, along with a couple variations of the trick to explore how it behaves. I welcome corrections from […]

Lonely Shell Variables – Part 2

Back in March 2008 I wrote a blog here called Lonely Shell Variables. Today I was fiddling with shell variables in D3 (also called Environment variables) and once again I marvelled at the power and flexibility – but I’d bet the number of people who really use this functionality can be counted on a single hand. Today, in an unusually […]

To free, or not to free? That is the question.

I needed to get information out of D3 and there is no standard function to get it. After a couple emails with TigerLogic support, I was able to write two lines of code to get what I needed. Wow, that’s cool. Now should I be a good community citizen and give it away? Should I give anything away? In this […]

What is a “large” select list?

A question came up in CDP about what a “large” dynamic array is, when used as a select list, and when lists should be processed as dimensioned arrays versus dynamic arrays. The answer can be more complex than one might think.

Lonely D3 Shell Variables

A question came up in comp.databases.pick that asked how we could use a pre-defined set of values in a D3 query. For example: SORT CUSTOMERS WITH STATE “AZ” “CA” “NM” “OR” … but getting the state codes dynamically. Sure, we can do that, using shell variables.