Excel, CrowFlite… Continued

This is a sort of follow-on to one of my postings last month. My intent here is to kick off some forum discussions based on today’s posting. The question in short is: We have some great tools for tight integration with Excel that are going to be available very soon, so what else do end-users want or need?

Excel, CrowFlite, AccuTerm, etc etc

Over the years I’ve done a lot of work with the internals of Excel and most of the other Microsoft Office applications, integrating them in some way with Pick/MV business applications. Now I’m looking to do more with Excel – but what do you want to see?

Introducing NebulaXChange

In this blog entry from 2007 I documented a new offering called NebulaXChange. As NebulaXLite creates rich spreadsheets from BASIC, NebulaXChange is intended to work on the opposite side, with Excel reaching into MV. After well over a year and a great deal of heartache NebulaXChange lives!

NebulaXChange : Excel to MV and beyond

A long time ago there was a product called CrowFlight that retrieved data into Excel from MV. Some companies still have it and I occassionally get a call from someone looking to replace it. Well… I now have two ways of using Excel formulas to call into MV, and this functionality can be combined with NebulaXLite.