Social Media for the MV industry – Part 2

There has been a fascinating set of responses in email groups to my first post on this topic, and I sincerely respect and appreciate all comments and the time taken to make them. Here is a response for everything I’ve read here so far.

Social Media for the MV industry

Forums are no longer adequate. This blog entry begins a mini-campaign to get more MultiValue/Pick people into social media to exchange business/technical information.

Thoughts on new MVDBMS forum

I didn’t intend for this to be a big deal (see prior post about comp.databases.pick) but as soon as it got started it sure turned into one. I’m committed to making the new MVDBMS forum a centerpiece for this community. Here are some related thoughts. I’m sure I’ll follow-up with more later.

Three Jeers for Google Groups

I haven’t written here for a while but I thought I’d take a moment for something not related to development. Google “improved” Groups, and now everyone’s email addresses are exposed. Sigh.

Charts and Graphs from MV

I’m working on a project that requires dynamic charts and graphs. I took another look at Google Charts today, and it didn’t take long to create an interface with MV BASIC. Now I can easily create bar charts, and I’ll soon extend this to support lots of other types like pie charts, line graphs, and candlestick charts. So now do […]