Code tip: Include items – Part 1

I usually don’t post code tips but since I haven’t published anything in a while, I thought I’d post this tidbit on how to use Include items elegantly.

MV to the web – Part 2

This is part 2 in the “MV to the web” series. In the first part I described code changes needed to specific functions to separate out the UI from the rules. In this part I’ll describe a structure you can use for all program item/subroutines to organize your modularized functions.

MV to the web – Part 1

A lot of BASIC developers still want to get to the web, but they aren’t sure what’s required. Let’s work it out here. This is Part 1 of 3 blog/articles that will help to get you started.

Web Services for MV – The basics

As discussed in another blog, I recently created a new product which will make it a LOT easier for MV developers to make their applications accessible via Web Services. This blog/article goes deeper into explaining what that product does and the thought process in creating it.

New Web Services for MV

We have a new product that’s in a highly functional alpha status and I’d like to enter into discussions with people to discuss required features. In short, this allows BASIC subroutines to quickly render as Web Services for inbound requests from trading partners. It’s primarily an end-user product but of course VARs are welcome to offer this as a value-add […]

To free, or not to free? That is the question.

I needed to get information out of D3 and there is no standard function to get it. After a couple emails with TigerLogic support, I was able to write two lines of code to get what I needed. Wow, that’s cool. Now should I be a good community citizen and give it away? Should I give anything away? In this […]

MV to anything … sure, why not?

In the U2 forum the question was asked “Has anyone implemented Microsoft TAPI in a Universe application?” Let’s call this a FAQ and reword it as “How do we connect anything to an MV DBMS?” It doesn’t matter if you have Universe, jBase, D3, or QM. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about TAPI, scanners, weight scales, IM/chat, GPS, […]

What is a “large” select list?

A question came up in CDP about what a “large” dynamic array is, when used as a select list, and when lists should be processed as dimensioned arrays versus dynamic arrays. The answer can be more complex than one might think.