Working at Home – Better

More people are working at home. Businesses are struggling to figure out new ways to communicate internally, with partners, and their client/consumer audience. When a company sends people home to work, I think there is more to the effort than just giving them network access. I think we need to reconsider how we communicate and what needs to be communicated.

MV Monitoring and Notification Part 2

A good comment was made by Peter McMurray in the LinkedIn Pick User Group: “Interesting idea based on a sound principle. However I wonder if anyone will pay for it.” My short answer is that there there is a lot of precedent for this in the “mainstream”, but to my knowledge no similar offerings in the MV space. So I’m […]

Getting your e-mail? Anyone getting yours?

I get email services from a large and respected company, This week SpamCop has been blocking their servers, and the tens of thousands of domains they represent. As a result, some of my e-mail to you from my domains has not been getting through, and you may not be getting valid e-mail from other trusted sources either.