Major blog update

The Nebula R&D site got a complete overhaul in 2017. It’s now much faster, much more visually appealing, and mobile-friendly. I’m also refocusing toward D3-specific tips.

With this re-focus, MV topics will be more readily available. All older posts remain accessible from the menu, by search, and via their original URLs. Nothing is going away, it’s just being profiled differently toward what is more important these days.

I’ve been doing extensive work with D3 where I’m exercising specific areas of the system. I’ve made many mental notes about occasional details, but will start to post them here in the D3 category as short tips or how-to’s. I’ll go back and resurrect and reformat some my old D3 blog notes as well – because I see a lot of people still struggle with concepts that were documented here long ago. I hope this will be of value to fellow D3 developers. So stay tuned for more changes and content for the blog…

Next on the agenda is to remove the hand-coded pages from the website which were originally created over  decade ago. The goal will be to refit the entire website as a WordPress CMS. I’ve been doing a lot of work with WordPress recently too, and I must say this is an ideal environment for MV people to use for many applications. But more on that later I guess.

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