PickJobs.Net for MV Jobs/Contracts

The website http://PickJobs.Net has been re-launched with a new look and tools for matching people to work. This is a free resource for the MV industry. Thanks to Andy Betts at Right People Resourcing in the UK for hosting and rejuvenating the site!

Bookmark that page if you ever need to find talent to work on your MV projects, full-time or contract/freelance. Post ads there in addition to using other resources (websites, recruiters, forums, newspapers).

When posting, use tags with DBMS, programming language, and other requirements to refine your requirements and help people to find positions that match their skills. If you have a position that doesn’t fit the Job Category list, use the Contact link to request an update to that list.

Also bookmark the PickWiki Employment page which has a list of other resources and tips on hiring. Contractors can post availability for full-time or contract work.

Are you aware of resources that aren’t documented on that Employment page? Let me know!

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And please take a look at other recently posted articles here. Your comments as well as requests for specific topics are always welcome!

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