Building Community

I haven’t posted on my blog for a while (or updated the software, ouch). So I thought I’d take some time toward the end of this year to open a topic that’s dear to my heart, community in the MultiValue / Pick industry, and what we can do to improve it.

Social Media for the MV industry – Part 5

Man, this is the gift that keeps on giving… Part 5? Really? Well as I said before, I’m just trying to keep everything in one spot. I think I’m talked-out on this one. This is a response to a recent forum discussion with mostly a recap.

Social Media for the MV industry – Part 4

I was inspired to write a little more based on notes by Robert Houben and Bill Haskett. Rather than boring too many colleagues over in the U2 list with one of my loooong notes, I decided to post here. Surprisingly it’s not that long. 🙂

Marketing, Part 2 : “Value-Add” Resellers

Marketing often entails conveying to the prospect audience more than just what your products are about. We are judged by the company we keep, and the MV DBMS will be judged by the people that represent the platform. There is a discussion in the U2UG forum right now about changing support providers, and this is integrally related to how people […]

Marketing in the Pick industry – Part 1

I’ve written a bunch of blogs lately on the topic of Marketing in the Pick industry. I just haven’t published them. I get so fired up on this topic that the blog turns into a rant and I just don’t hit that Publish button. Well, it’s time to change that. This first entry in this series was going to be […]

MultiValue – the next “hot new” thing

I would have no problem evangelizing the MultiValue data model as the “hot new” database alternative to the worn relational model. The problem is that none of the MV DBMS vendors seem interested in doing this.