Working at Home – Better

More people are working at home. Businesses are struggling to figure out new ways to communicate internally, with partners, and their client/consumer audience. When a company sends people home to work, I think there is more to the effort than just giving them network access. I think we need to reconsider how we communicate and what needs to be communicated.

Major blog update

The Nebula R&D blog just got a complete overhaul. It’s now much faster, much more visually appealing, and mobile-friendly. I’m also refocusing toward D3-specific tips.

What’s up?

Long-time colleague Ian McGowan asked the following in Slack today: “Tony, what is the non-MV work you’re doing? How did that transition go? What’s the story? I’m asking for, uh, a friend that’s been a PICK programmer since 1987. ;)” I thought I’d post the answer here.

System Maintenance – a quick note

I’m often called to remedy one-off issues in D3 environments, and to look at systems for family/friends when things start running slow. Most home/business environments share these common traits: Huge logs which degrade performance, and Windows Event Logs showing a large number of application, system, and security issues.

Google Groups extra signature

This is for people who administer Google Groups in the MV community and elsewhere. I’ve been noticing over the last few months that emails I get from forums have two “unsubscribe” notifications. In the case of the MVDBMS group which I manage, I know I didn’t cause that, so something else did. Here’s how you fix it.

Three Jeers for Google Groups

I haven’t written here for a while but I thought I’d take a moment for something not related to development. Google “improved” Groups, and now everyone’s email addresses are exposed. Sigh.

Stuff free to good home

I’m cleaning house here and boxing up a lot of old books and software. In some ways I feel like I’m closing a door on a former lifetime. Weird.

Fair price for consulting services?

My friend and colleague Kevin Powick recently posted a help wanted ad for consulting work: 30-40 hours per week at $35/hour over a period of about six months. One way to look at this is that for someone who doesn’t have a job that’s over $25,000 that they didn’t have before. Some people who charge more for their services consider […]

When we’re gone

On a somber note, we all know what a living will is, or a last will for distributing our worldly goods, but how many people have a will that helps those who come into our office to pick up the pieces when we’re gone?

Grandma, didn’t you read the manual?

I need to set this up briefly. I don’t just hang around in MV forums, I hang around in a lot of different forums. My latest venture was to the usenet forum microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general where people go to get advice with problems with IE. The mentality of the people providing responses there has just floored me. It makes me take a […]

Estimating project time

In my last blog entry I mentioned a couple tools I use for tracking time. Today a forum posting mentioned the difficulty of doing accurate project estimates. I’ve made mistakes on both sides of the estimation game, and documented a couple of them here. I’ve been doing this for years but I confess I still need to work on some […]

Back to the blog

I haven’t written many blog entries lately. I keep saving up material that I think would be interesting but somehow I never get to publishing it. Right now I’m looking at about 25 unpublished blog drafts, most of which will never get published. This is just an FYI that I intend to start publishing on a fairly regular basis. Rather […]

Keep the blog Archive sidebar?

On another blog I read which focuses on Excel, the author is wondering whether he should keep the Archives sidebar (to the right) with the list of links by Month/Year. I’m wondering about that too.

Pre-DevCon Thoughts

Next week InterSystems will be hosting their annual Developer Conference (DevCon) in Orlando, Florida. I will be attending this event and I thought I’d share some reasons why.