Lots of website changes – and more

If you’ve subscribed to this blog you probably received some automatic pings recently that changes have been made.

We re-hosted to a new server recently after months of dealing with a fiasco with our former host, documented here. I’m very happy with this new host and with the speed with which all pages are loading, and we have been building on the new stable services. I’ve upgraded the blog, reduced the number of articles per page, removed the old Welcome page, and put new page navigation at the bottom of the main page. It’s not perfect but I’ll make more enhancements to the blog as time goes on, to make articles easier to find and navigation easier to get where you want to go.

In addition to a lot of new and revised web pages on the main site, I’ve started a small series of HowTo videos in our new Gallery of Images, Videos, Demos, and Testimonials. We’ll be adding new products to the site soon, some complely unrelated to our normal lines of business, and more information and FAQs about everything.

We’ve been using bug tracking software for a long time for products supported here and for projects for our clients. We’re going to open that up a bit with a new Support subsite, allowing our clients to enter bug and feature requests, and we already have a forum setup so that people can ask questions about products services, especially some of the new offerings you’ll start seeing on the site soon.

Please let us know what sort of changes you’d like to see. For product and service offerings, email moc.DnR-alubeNnull@ofnI, and for the website, email moc.DnR-alubeNnull@retsambeW We’re doing some exciting things here. Stay tuned!

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