Caché Tutorials

I’m writing a small series of tutorials for Pick developer/admins to get familiar with the Caché environment. The first one explains how to telnet in, create an account, create a file, edit/compile/run a program – the bare essentials. What would you like to see?

Pre-DevCon Thoughts

Next week InterSystems will be hosting their annual Developer Conference (DevCon) in Orlando, Florida. I will be attending this event and I thought I’d share some reasons why.

First exposure to Caché

I’m working with a client who is considering a migration from Universe to Caché and I needed to get on the fast track to get familiar with the MV hooks that have been built in. Here are some comments.

Protected: Hands-on User Group Meetings

Dear CDBMA Pick User Group member, as you are well aware, we haven’t had a meeting for two years now. Is it lack of interest? Lack of material? Have you found another cure for insomnia? I don’t know about you but I miss the food. (Oh, and the people too!) So I pitched an idea to our fearless leader Mark […]