Diagnosing Connectivity Errors

When a UniObjects.NET operation fails, how do you know what happened? What about mv.NET? Heck, it doesn’t matter what tool you use. Sometimes things just stop working. Here are some tips that may help in the detection and recovery process for any MV DBMS or connectivity tools…

C# coding – I’m getting lazy

Microsoft continues their effort to reduce the amount of code required for C# developers to accomplish certain tasks. The more I see of this the more I want. Somewhere between where we are now and the point where the system reads our minds and just does what we want, there is a place where guys like me can get the […]

Do you know the way to SOA?

OK, the title is a little tacky, but if you’re humming a tune about San Jose California then you get the joke. In response to a posting to the U2 User’s list I decided to post some comments here about Service Oriented Architecture.

Technology choices: Windows, .NET, and mv.NET

This article discusses why I have chosen to work with Windows, the .NET Framework, and mv.NET for interfaces to MV DBMS applications. Feel free to disagree with my choices but maybe my reasoning will make sense to others who are trying to find their "home" amongst all of the available options.

Linux and .NET

I’m starting to get more questions about .NET with Linux, using ASP.NET with Apache, writing Web Services in C# with Mono, etc. I’m providing some excerpts and paraphrasing here of recent exchanges I’ve had with prospects and clients.

C# Snippets for VS2005

If you’re new to Visual Studio you’ll eventually find out about snippets, think they’re cool, and sigh at all of the code that you used to cut and paste manually. If you use C# you’ll suddenly feel cheated when you see how many snippets are in VB.NET and how few are in C#. Here’s the cure.

Parameter passing in C#

I just read this article by MVP Jon Skeet on Parameter passing in C#. Definitely good reading. It helps to understand exactly how reference and value types work when passing them through methods.