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mv.NET Extensions Library – Part 1

If you use mv.NET you may be interested in a collection of extension methods that I’ve created to streamline my own development. By packaging common functions in a separate library, I’m not only making it easier to re-use them across all projects, but I’m giving myself a set of standards o follow, making maintenance easier, [...]

A closer look at mv.NET – Part 1

I’m going to post a few articles to describe various facets of mv.NET, both for people who have never seen it as well as for those who are using it. I’ll start here with info about webinars, a video, and some info about the “big picture”.

mv.NET v4.2 – Features and Webinar

Many people who use mv.NET on a daily basis still haven’t used some of the more sophisticated features. mv.NET is not just a communications tool, not simply a commercial equivalent to UO.NET or QMClient. It’s a rich development platform that is in a constant state of evolution. v4.2 takes the product one step further on [...]

Graphically generating MV Databases

As one of my ongoing projects I’ve been working on a toolkit that generates an MV/Pick DBMS using a graphical, flow-chart designer as the source.

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