Social Media for the MV industry – Part 3

Part 3? In a single week? How did that happen? Well, I’m getting comments that spawn follow-ups. This is in response to a harmless (HA, you thought!) reference to Pinterest.

Social Media for the MV industry – Part 2

There has been a fascinating set of responses in email groups to my first post on this topic, and I sincerely respect and appreciate all comments and the time taken to make them. Here is a response for everything I’ve read here so far.

Social Media for the MV industry

Forums are no longer adequate. This blog entry begins a mini-campaign to get more MultiValue/Pick people into social media to exchange business/technical information.

Not going to Spectrum because… ?

There is a discussion in CDP about the 2011 International Spectrum Conference and who’s going this year. I have a lot of thoughts about why people don’t go, why they should, and how to fix many of the problems that ail this Pick/MultiValue market. Oh, how audacious.

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