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Some terms need to be established in this medium where people have the ability to post freeform text. If you don’t agree to these terms, please do not read or post to this forum. By reading and posting to this forum you confirm acceptance of these terms.


Nebula Research and Development asserts express copyrights on all eligible material posted to this site. This includes code, images, and technical know-how. This does not include information attributed to other sources, as in quotes from other people or websites.

Please do not post text or binaries unless you have the right to release ownership and you are willing to do so. Please do not post code which is covered under the GPL or similar open source licenses. Please do not claim to be the original source of information which was obtained elsewhere. Any material found on this site which seems to violate these terms will be removed without notice.

Code and data posted and left on this /blog subsite may be used for any legal purpose by our visitors, provided credit is given to this source in the form of a valid URL and/or company name and/or valid e-mail address.


We, Tony Gravagno and Nebula Research and Development, own this website and have full authority to modify the site in whatever way and without explanation, including full deletion at any time and without notice.

We shall not be held liable for any material found on this site or missing from the site. We will remove any material found to be in violation of laws, personal or civil rights, or copyrights. Removal of content is the sole remedy in all cases of liability.

Among basic technical facts and observations, many personal opinions will be expressed in this blog, and many of these comments will meet with some disagreement. People are welcome to post notes of disagreement, but we reserve the right to remove offensive, abusive, or antagonistic comments.

We reserve the right to deny access to anyone for reading, writing, or performing any other operation on this site. We may delete any account at our discretion and without warning or explanation.

Postings presented here as “information” are subject to be incorrect. Please do not gamble anyone’s life, money, or happiness on what you find here. Please do offer to pay Nebula R&D to do research for accurate information if it’s that important to you.

Thank you.

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