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Print Wizard is a powerful tool for controlling report generation and distribution.

Print Wizard is very affordable for small offices or large. Print Wizard Personal Edition starts at $99 for a single PC supporting up to three local print devices. The Server Edition starts at $300 and will support 3 local or remote printers. When comparing to competitive products that cost thousands of dollars, you can't afford not to consider Print Wizard for your printing needs.
Print Wizard:
  • Imports reports and report data from various sources.
  • Facilitates the process of reformatting plain reports.
  • Manages the process of report creation through scripting
  • Routes reports to various destinations.
Data for reports can be obtained in many ways:
  • Files saved to a Windows directory
  • Files saved to any system and FTP’d via Print Wizard to the printing system
  • Sockets set up as virtual printers
By adding HTML and XML to your reports you can dramatically change how your reports look when they are printed. Print Wizard allows you to:
  • Add images
  • Add lines and boxes
  • Reformat headers and footers
  • Add watermarks
  • Add overlays to replace pre-printed forms

The form overlay features of Print Wizard should not be overlooked. An overlay allows a laser printer to populate forms with data. This is just like pre-printed forms but the overlays are images set as templates, and the data just fills in the blanks. Reports can have a custom overlay for each page or a standard overlay for all pages. With lines, boxes, images, and detailed data positioning, each page can have a hand-crafted look. All of this is possible without printer-specific PCL coding.

After reports are generated:
  • Generate PDF documents
  • Send them via Email
  • Fax them
  • Send them to specific printers in a LAN or to client PC’s on the internet

Print Wizard facilitates the use of special fonts, UTF-8, RightToLeft (RTL) and Bi-Directional (bidi) printing for non-Latin alphabets, PCL, and HTML encoding.

Nebula Research and Development does not sell or support Print Wizard, nor do we get sales commissions. We just believe it's good software and that it deserves better exposure in the Pick/MV market. Print Wizard is the answer to many postings in forums asking "how do I..." related to printing and faxing. We just want to share that with everyone. Contact Rasmussen Software to get the software with documentation, and an evaluation license. Please tell them you were referred by Nebula R&D.
If you like the demos, our business is all about providing services, so we would be grateful if you considered us to help with any of your reporting needs. Thank you.

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