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Web Enablement

Nebula R&D assists VARs and end-users with new web interfaces for existing software. There are different kinds of web interfaces including B2B, B2C, intranet, extranet, internet, devices, browsers, and remote thick clients. The tools used depend on the needs. Some of the tools used include XML Web Services, EDI, FlashCONNECT, mv.NET, and ASP.NET. We help to assess the proper tools and make recommendations to our clients. If asked to implement the suggestions, we can develop and deploy new interfaces to-spec, as well as provide follow-up support and enhancements.

  • For business systems, B2B, B2C, intranet, and extranet, we may use DesignBais, FlashCONNECT, ActiveX, ASP.NET (perhaps with mv.NET or PDP.NET), Java, or Microsoft SmartClient technology.  
  • For internet users where there is no control over the client environment we may use FlashCONNECT or ASP.NET (perhaps with mv.NET or PDP.NET).  
  • For "telnet within a browser", we use AccuTerm for Internet Explorer.
  • For animation, audio/music, and more consumer-friendly interfaces, we integrate MultiValue applications with Shockwave and Flash.
  • And for more playful applications, we can integrate Microsoft Agent with thick and thin clients, allowing MultiValue applications to drive animated, talking characters as part of their user interface.

Web enablement for B2B and B2C may involve XML Web Services with SOAP, which may be done directly from an MV platform, or usually using an intermediary system to “translate” data between the MV business application and the external interface.

What technologies will YOU use?

While HTML pages are the most common "web" interfaces, HTML is not the only web language. XML is becoming more popular and with XSL and other stylesheet languages the internet may eventually migrate away from HTML.

FlashCONNECTAnd while most people think of tools like FlashCONNECT as an HTML generator, it is really a connectivity component which happens to export HTML as one form of output. Nebula R&D can help create HTML-based user interfaces as well as many others. See examples of FlashCONNECT using non-HTML technologies, created by Nebula R&D's Tony Gravagno.

What are the thin-client Browser options? What are the thick-client Application options? What are the connectivity options? What options are available for HTTP client inquiries from business applications? ...interfaces with B2B servers? ...e-mail and FTP to and from an application?

Since so many technologies can be used, it's important to first identify your business requirements. Sometimes this includes compliance with management directives regarding specific technologies to be used in your development. Often, by knowing your user audience, you will be able to quickly determine some of the technologies to be used. You must then identify your technical strengths and weaknesses, to take advantage of internal talent.

We will listen to your requirements, objectives, and concerns, and present a variety of scenarios to help you with the decisions. If requested, we can also help to develop the new interfaces based on first hand experience with every one of the technologies mentioned on these pages.

Don't have a web site? We can provide a full web site hosting solution, complete with a dynamic interface with your business application, E-mail, and custom services that can only be offered by providing a secure virtual server to each of our valuable clients. VARs, offer these services to your own clients through us!

Nebula R&D provides end-to-end products and services so you can enhance your existing software to:

  • Take orders online.
  • Provide customers with online look-ups of order and product status.
  • Provide online catalogs with current pricing.
  • Automate e-mail updates with customized data for customers and prospects.
  • Automate ordering and status update inquiries to suppliers.
  • Process credit and debit cards, and perform other payment processing functions, from your retail POS, office, or online.



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