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These pages were created to supplement articles written for Spectrum Magazine. The links in the table below lead to material which is referred to in the articles.

Articles in These Issues
September/October 2003 (Read it) Web Services and .NET Part 1
November/December 2003 (Read it) Web Services and .NET Part 2
March/April 2004 (Read it) Web Services and .NET Part 3
July/August 2004 (Read it) Web Services and .NET Part 4
March/April 2005 (Read it) Spectrum February 2005 Recap
July/August 2005 (Read it) Can We Talk Here? MV Community Forums and Resources
Caché and MultiValue, Birds of a Feather, Part 1 (Read it)
Caché and MultiValue, Birds of a Feather, Part 2 (Read it)

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Articles written for Spectrum Magazine are generally posted here approximately two weeks after they have gone to print. To see Spectrum issues online, visit International Spectrum.

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Part 1 of Web Services and .NET defines most of the terms related to these technologies, and attempts to make clear how they are similar and how they are different.

Part 2 of Web Services and .NET, subtitled "Research Before Development" goes into more detail about some topics brought up in Part 1, and presents a number of business concerns, technical considerations, language and standards issues that developers should be aware of before the coding begins.

Part 3 of Web Services and .NET focuses on products available in the Pick/MultiValue community which facilitate development of Web Services.

Part 4 of Web Services and .NET (the last in this series) focuses on practical applications for Web Services in the Pick/MultiValue community.

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