Ajax links galore

Holy cow! I forgot to post the initial list of Ajax links! Here they are, and man are there a lot of um! I will be using thes for my research and will reference them in blog entries.

This is an AJAX and ASP.NET tutorial at MSDN.

The Wikipedia entry for AJAX is required reading and has lots of great links and insight. The pros and cons info which might cause someone to rethink using AJAX at all.

I like The Code Project web site, they always have great articles and the selection for AJAX is no exception: 

Here is a link I came across to a book called “Ajax Patterns and Best Practices”. Notice that this book doesn’t even consider AJAX to be an acronym.  And check out this statement: “Millions of client computers are now Ajax-ready…” That sounds to me like material targeted at an audience that doesn’t have a clue – like people who watch infomercials for entertainment or education: “Log on to our website now!” 

And here’s another book, “Foundations of Ajax” – again note mixed case.

Here is Michael Schwartz’s own blog, from which I suspect a lot of insight can be derived. (Michael write AJAX.NET.)

That links to a Google Group on the topic, the mere subjects of the group are enough to scare me.

Here’s an article about AJAX with ASP.NET at Developer Fusion, a UK community much like The Code Project.

Here is a blog discussing AJAX Mistakes (need to keep this in mind…). That links to a BackPackIT site (another blog) that has interesting comments including “Using AJAX for the sake of AJAX” – I’m sure people will passionately defend why they need AJAX now, even though many sites would still do just as well with a traditional postback model.

This is an insightful blog entry by the father of the guy who wrote the above blog entry. Fascinating and insightful stuff.

Here is the Gmail API – an open source API written for the .NET Framework. The page links to other interesting and related projects. Unfortunately the last note in the Revision History says “Update 2/27/2005: The API is currently broken, due to Gmail’s protocol change. I don’t have time to work on the project, but I have received some fixes that I will review as soon as possible. –JH” Oops, that’s almost a year old already.

Here’s an article entitled “Will AJAX Replace the Desktop?”: I don’t know what’s more scary – the fact that someone is asking a question like that or the idea that it may be a valid question.  At this moment I have very few clients asking for Windows Forms or other thick UI apps, they almost all want something web-based. This article may be right on target.

Nice technical overview by Jesse James Garrett (the guy who coined the term AJAX) with some good Q&A from readers.

Here is a lengthy discussion. I didn’t read it yet but it does link to this tutorial which has some decent code samples.

This is another article about how to use AJAX.NET.

Top Ten Reasons for AJAX and Top Ten Reasons AJAX is here to stay. OOPS, that’s the same article attributed to two different authors! Welcome to The Net.  That author, Andre Charland has his own WordPress blog on Ajax. Dang, and I thought this was going to be the first!  BTW, I did let him know his article was pirated.
[Update] the dotnetspider page was updated with a single reference line to Mr Charland’s page. Is that all people need to do these days when they get caught plagerizing?

Article on ASP.NET and AJAX using Microsoft.XMLHTTP – client and server code included.

Manning Publications book “Ajax in Action” info page

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