Relationship with DBI

Greetings DesignBais developers! Nebula Research and Development recently entered into an agreement with DesignBais International to provide Professional Services to and on behalf of DesignBais International, on an as-requested basis. In case you didn’t know me before, I just wanted to introduce myself.

I’ve been involved with DesignBais since v1.1, over two years now, and have always been a big fan. David McLean and I are good friends and work well together – then again, David works well with everyone.

Starting immediately, if you call or e-mail DBI Support in the USA, I may respond. The services provided to DBI include assisting DBI Support as requested, ensuring we have extended phone coverage across time zones in the Americas, working with new prospects, and providing demos and training services. To more clearly express the relationship, DBI is my client, but from your perspective I’ll be just another guy in the USA who may respond to your inquiries.

My first initiative has been to start a category for DesignBais in my personal blog here. The intent is to provide information and insight to newcomers, plus tips and tricks for you who use the software every day. All comments and suggestions are welcome. More tips will be coming on an almost weekly basis, sometimes in groups.

More information about me and my company’s relationship to DBI follows on the next page. Feel free to check it out or jump to other pages in the blog.

Thanks for your time!

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