More notes on DST for 2007

Remember that USA Daylight Saving Time now ends on March 11, 2007 (second Sunday of March at 2:00AM), and re-starts on November 04, 2007 (first Sunday of November at 2:00AM). See other articles in the Time category of this blog for details, patches, etc. The information briefly provided here has been gathered since the last note on this DST topic.

The program on this page will check if the system has the correct definition for Daylight Saving Time. If that’s not available, it can be obtained on the Sun Microsystems site.

For RedBack users:
Andy Baum wrote: "In $RBHOME/rgw/conf there is a file called rgwresp.ini one of the sections in there is [Default.Environment] you need to set TZ to the appropriate timezone setting."

Information from IBM Support regarding U2, Web DE, SystemBuilder, wIntegrate, etc.

Java developers, the above article links to this info from Sun. Essentially, timezone fixes are already in 1.4.2 SR6 but prior releases need updates. The IBM article links to a tool that updates the JRE.

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