Extracting data from Excel, moving data to MV

The question was asked in the U2 forum today: “Is there a conversion tool or utility available for converting xls spreadsheets to txt files…”? Sure there is, and it’s free too. Here is some info on ExcelExport, and another very powerful utility called mvExec.

From our freeware web page:

ExcelExport is a command-line utility which will export individual worksheets from a .XLS file into individual .CSV files. All cells are wrapped in double-quotes and separated by commas. Double-quotes within cells are repeated. This differs from most other solutions which can only export one CSV from a workbook, but ExcelExport enables you to export all worksheets into individual CSV files.

ExcelExport is completely free and has no hooks into any other software. Software download and documentation are on the freeware page.

Also on the freeware page:

If you want to move the data to any MV DBMS, you can use any tool you wish. You can use cURL to FTP, or you can push files across Samba or some other network share, or you can write code to move data with web services, or maybe use QMClient or UO.NET or something similar to pipe the data directly into an account. But I encourage you to consider mvExec which allows you to send a request from any Windows system to any MV system, and it will return any output you wish.

Think of mvExec as a DOS command-line that completely hides any indication that an MV DBMS is processing your commands, and also makes it irrelevant where your DBMS is relative to the Windows client. This allows you to execute functionality from MS Office, your browser, any external database, web services – anything that can execute a DOS command and read a DOS file … which means pretty much anything.

Think about that for a moment : Do anything you want with your MV system, run reports or update or retrieve data, from anywhere in the world, from a DOS prompt or from any program you write or any open source freeware you can find. If you aren’t turned on by that, you haven’t thought about this for too long – or you’re just not the geek we thought you were. *grin*

mvExec utilizes mv.NET for communications. If you already have mv.NET, purchased from any vendor, you are welcome to take mvExec completely for free from our freeware page, and use it any way you wish.

[AD] If you do not have mv.NET and you’d like to like to get a single license for use with mvExec, please contact us. [/AD]

RTF documentation for mvExec is on the freeware page. The possibilities for this utility are really vast and I welcome comments and questions for how it can be used.


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