Local Fires

There is only one fire in this area at the moment. I’m posting a map showing the location of the fire and local MV businesses.

I’ll post periodic updates if required/requested. For now it doesn’t look like there is immediate danger for the area southwest of the fire where most of the homes and businesses are.

If you can’t see the image, please check your JavaScript or another browser settting.

Click on the fire icon to see links to current reports by the LA Times and OC Register, and a link to a map with other local fire spots.

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In case there is any question about how close this is, that map is at a scale of 2 miles per inch. The sky is glowing around here.

According to the OC Register, "The Orange County Fire Authority said at 6:20 p.m. on Monday that residents of Lake Forest in the Foothill Ranch area were no longer in any immediate danger, and said mandatory evacuations ordered for those areas were no longer needed, as the fire changed course and headed north."

While there might be employees evacuating in the immediate area of the fire, at this time the MV companies themselves do not need to evacuate.

Best wishes are extended to anyone unfortunate enough to be faced with a real threat or loss from these disasters.

2 thoughts on “Local Fires

    • Local news reports fire fighters have "won" the Foothill Ranch battle. However, evacuations were just ordered for Modjeska which is just east of here.

      There are still people at El Toro High School, a short walking distance from here. Good news for this area is that people are being evacuated to this area, not from it.

      Containment of a fire is indicated in maps with a green icon rather than a red one. I’ll change the color when all reports for this area indicate it’s under control.

    • Last map update 6:30am: Evacuations for Silverado and Williams Canyon. See "Local Fires 2" blog for other notes.

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