Controlling MV by phone

We have the ability to control the Pick/MultiValue DBMS and applicaions via SMS/texting or with any land-line phone. This is possible using various mechanisms, and I and others have done this in various ways for years. But to my knowledge there are no packaged offerings that allow people to do this simply and “out of the box”. So here is what I have and I welcome inquiries.

It’s really very simple. You can send any TCL commands to any MV system you wish and get back the responses. VARs can control client systems, providing remote support from anywhere.

VARs can sell this as a solution and/or as a new support option with annual fees.
End-users can incorporate this into their own systems.

To use this:

  • You don’t need a specific phone or carrier.
  • You don’t need special web/3g/4g mobile services.
  • You don’t need any apps.
  • You can do this with any mobile phone, any carrier, from anywhere in the USA or Canada.
  • You don’t even need a mobile phone.

What kind of commands can you execute?

  • start backups
  • check DBMS or OS disk
  • start phantoms
  • reset ports
  • clear locks
  • check/manage spooler
  • reboot the server
  • recompile programs
  • write, compile, and execute small programs
  • execute a command on multiple systems simultaneously
  • check for app errors or out-of-balance conditions
  • clear work files
  • reset application flags
  • almost anything, really…

A phone number can be assigned to specific systems. Or you can use one phone number to control many systems, but in this case your commands must identify the system(s) to be controlled.

You can issue commands via SMS/text. Or you can call, enter a numeric password, then select from a menu of options which you can create and maintain. Responses can come back via text and/or synthesized voice.

For end-users, this can be used to allow consumers to call and get order status, open balances, inventory availability, and to make other simple requests. People can authorize purchases by calling and entering a code which only they know – another form of signature confirmation.

You can even get end-user systems to make outbound phone calls, leaving messages on answering machines, or offering options when a person answers. This can be used to advise customers of status changes or to get confirmations on changes.

Is this packaged as an offering? No, not yet. For now it’s more of a service offering. Just tell me what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen. I have all of the components and everything can be installed and configured quickly. Some time will be required to understand what you’re really trying to accomplish so that we can create an effective solution. If there is enough demand this will be made into a turnkey solution for anyone to install and configure to suit their own needs.

Contact me for more information.

[EDIT] There is now a Part 2 of this article.

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