NebulaXLite Deactivating itself

We’ve been informed that Permanent activations for NebulaXLite have suddenly de-activated at a couple sites. This same situation occurred about four months ago. The working theory is that a Windows Update replaces some key OS files that are used as “supposedly” consistent markers. The fastest solution to the problem is simply to generate a new request so that we can send you a new key.

Here is a blog entry about the last time this happened.
Here is another blog entry that explains how Nebula R&D activations work.

After specific Windows Updates, it looks like the regenerated request no longer matches the key item. An enhancement needs to be made to use different, unchanging markers. This does not seem to be an issue in any *nix-based environments.

The problem with every activation mechanism is that it needs to bind “somehow” to the system, and the activation key should only work on that specific system. Every developer of security software will come up with a different set of critera for what represents a unique system. The mechanisms that I used were intended to be as non-invasive as possible, intended not to trigger other security software, and of course to provide the best possible security for our software.

We do not want our clients to endure unnecessary “pain” from critical software that goes unavailable – and indeed because NebulaXLite generates Excel spreadsheets it has become a critical financial reporting component in many companies.

I will revise the marker mechanisms as soon as possible and issue a new release of NebulaXLite that will/should not further inconvenience our valued clients.

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