Looking forward to Windows 7

There’s a webinar on April 22 about Vista and Windows 7, and "the horrible tragedy that could happen when running Windows XP". I can’t laugh hard enough when I see Vista lovers saying XP is a tragedy, even though it’s been the dominant Windows workstation platform for eight years and people are still trying hard to hold onto it. Like the Pick model, we should have more such tragedies.

Vista was released at the end of 2006 (just over 2 years ago) and some companies are still struggling to get their code to work with it. Microsoft has acknowledged over and again that the platform is deficient (and other kind words) and will be replaced. Despite demand for DBMS products over Vista, it remains that Vista is a workstation platform and was never intended to run as a server.

For servers there is Windows Server 2008, appropriately including the same security features as Vista, but it’s intended for server administrators, not consumers. I have never had a word against Windows Server 2008. It seems well suited to its target audience. Vista is ill-suited as a home/developer platform, that’s why people have been complaining about it since its release, and that’s why it’s being replaced.

Just 2 years after "the horrible tragedy" of Vista, Windows 7 is now replacing it as a workstation platform – with many changes made in response to the complaints made against its relatively short-lived predecessor.

Our Nebula R&D systems are running Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server. When Windows 2008 and Windows 7 are stable and accepted then I’ll migrate and recommend the same. Until then my recommendation to clients and colleagues is not to migrate unless it’s absolutely required.

For your entertainment, here are a couple links from others who dislike Vista:

Google search for "vista hell".

Google search for "vista worst" … as in worst platform in history…

Here is a Google search showing all of the help available (including from Microsoft) for people yearning to "downgrade" from Vista back to XP.

Ahh yes, and a review from someone who is upgrading from Vista to XP.

2 thoughts on “Looking forward to Windows 7

    • Tony,Not to be contrary and I am by no means a Microsoft lover – Linux, Mac or any other platform hater but I have been running Windows Vista 64 for about a year.  The lingering problem that I face at this point in time is a Cisco VPN client which Cisco has chosen not to develop.  I run VMware Workstation constantly and if I need Win XP (only occasionally) I run my old system as a VM.  However, I want to point out that since SP1 Vista has been very stable and plenty fast.  We also run Windows Server 2008 and have done so for more than a year as well.  While you need to learn how to work within the updated security model for either platform, WinSvr 2008 is stable too.You mentioned development platforms.  For some, WinSvr 2008 is a great development platform.  I run WinSvr 2003 as a VM machine on my system with SQL Server 2008, mvBase 2.1, jBASE 4, Universe and QM all installed.  I have both VS 2005 and VS 2008  I also have mv.NET, CodeSmithTools and DotNetNuke running.  It makes for a great dev system!Just my two cents.Dick

    • Thanks for the comments Dick-  everyone has a different experience and opinion and I welcome comments from all viewpoints. I just wanted to publish my thoughts in a place that’s easy to find rather than posting the same notes to CDP every month. As I said, I have no beef with WS2008. SysAdmin types can handle it. My objection is primarily with Vista as a workstation platform which is hostile to consumers and developers who need to support it. Based on the links I’ve provided (and there are many more if required) and the fact that Microsoft is anxious to replace it with W7, I think I have good grounds to stand on. Best as always.

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