WordPress Enhancements

 This post will contain a list of enhancement ideas that I come up with. At some point I’ll submit the list to them or I’ll try to do a couple of them myself.

  1. Allow for Draft Pages like Draft Posts.
  2. Find a way to make global post changes without pulling the HTML into a text editor.
  3. Allow "open in new window" to be the default link behavior.
  4. Allow for mass changes to post properties, like "Allow Pings" or "Allow Comments". For some posts I originally disabled these but now I want to enable them. Do I need to do this via a SQL query? Ouch.
  5. Have a separate Dashboard (/wp-admin/index.php) for basic subscribers vs Admins. The current "one size fits all" dashboard has links to lots of pages that someone with no posting privileges can use. I’ve heavily modified our dashboard to generate different HTML depending on the specific user capabilities, but in the long run it probably would have been better to have completely separate page versions. If you see some feature on our dashboard that leads you to a "you can’t do this" type message, please let me know – I don’t want to give you the link if you can’t use it – duh .

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