What’s up?

Long-time colleague Ian McGowan asked the following in Slack today: “Tony, what is the non-MV work you’re doing? How did that transition go? What’s the story? I’m asking for, uh, a friend that’s been a PICK programmer since 1987. ;)” I thought I’d post the answer here.

Intelligent User Interfaces

I’m researching options for incorporating natural language inquiries into business applications. For example, we should be able to ask questions like “how much did we make from XCorp last year”, “how many clients do we have in Ohio”, “is Bob Smith still with XCorp”, “how many orders came in through Atlanta yesterday”, “is truck 192 […]

Building Community

I haven’t posted on my blog for a while (or updated the software, ouch). So I thought I’d take some time toward the end of this year to open a topic that’s dear to my heart, community in the MultiValue / Pick industry, and what we can do to improve it.

System Maintenance – a quick note

I’m often called to remedy one-off issues in D3 environments, and to look at systems for family/friends when things start running slow. Most home/business environments share these common traits: Huge logs which degrade performance, and Windows Event Logs showing a large number of application, system, and security issues.

D3 OSFI Explored

Access to the OS file system from D3 is possible through the OSFI – the Open System File Interface. Over time I’ve noticed some confusion in how our colleagues use and under-use this feature, so I thought I’d clarify a couple points here.

MV people – Don’t compete

A colleague posted an interesting request to a U2 forum today. I think my response is more general for the MV industry so I decided to blog this. In short the request is for an all-MV CRM package, with emphasis that it Must be all-MV. I don’t think that’s a good approach for any of […]

Google Groups extra signature

This is for people who administer Google Groups in the MV community and elsewhere. I’ve been noticing over the last few months that emails I get from forums have two “unsubscribe” notifications. In the case of the MVDBMS group which I manage, I know I didn’t cause that, so something else did. Here’s how you […]

D3 Windows or Linux?

I saw another question today about whether a VAR should recommend D3 Windows or D3 Linux. Knowing many sites that have moved from Windows to Linux, and those that have not, I thought I’d post my thoughts on it here for a more general audience.