New Ajax Notes

I’ve created a new category for Ajax and am posting some material I’ve already written. I hope this serves as a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn about it.

Where is the Edge of the Universe?

With all of the info we have available, scientists believe the universe is about 15 billion years old. The universe seems to be ever expanding, with objects accellerating (not just speeding away but actually going faster and faster) away from one another. Can we actually see to the edge?

Was the Gravitational Constant ever Variable?

Thinking about the other post on the speed of light, I wonder about other “constants”. Is it possible that gravity was weaker or stronger in the past? Might it just appear to be a constant now because at this moment that we look at it, over some thousands of years of human history, it doesn’t seem to have changed?

WordPress Enhancements

 This post will contain a list of enhancement ideas that I come up with. At some point I’ll submit the list to them or I’ll try to do a couple of them myself.

WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

I was originally impressed with the WordPress WYSIWYG editor – then I saw limitations. Now, as with every aspect of WP, it seems this area can be customized or replaced altogether, so I guess I’ll find an adequate solution soon. 🙄

Master Pages and w3HtmlInsertSection

Whenever I read about ASP.NET Master Pages I’m immediately reminded of how they are just like FlashCONNECT w3HtmlInsertSection. See the code for the Template: Multiple Sections demo, then see this for a short intro to master pages: CodeGuru: An In-Depth Coverage of ASP.NET 2.0’s Master Pages: Part 1 of 3

ASP.NET tables

I have to remember to not use the Table Server Control unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Handcoding web.sitemap

I decided to check out the System.Web.UI.WebControls.SiteMapPath for a project I’m working on. Sometimes I’ll research the tools in my toolkit and other times I’ll just pick up the tool and see what I can do with it – in this case I chose the latter approach. This is going to require some reading on my part.