ASP.NET and AJAX tips

I found a couple articles regarding performance and scalability for ASP.NET, and ASP.NET with AJAX. I think these are a good read for anyone doing development with these tools.

Ajax links galore

Holy cow! I forgot to post the initial list of Ajax links! Here they are, and man are there a lot of um! I will be using thes for my research and will reference them in blog entries.

Ajax solutions being researched

So far the only sources I’m investigating are Microsoft Atlas and Telerik r.a.d. Controls. Infragistics has also had Ajax components for a while. See notes below for ComponentOne as well.

It’s not just a web page anymore

I’m increasingly asked to build more sophisticated web interfaces which begin to approach the interactive capabilities of a thick client. Satisfying these requests is getting much more difficult.

New Ajax Notes

I’ve created a new category for Ajax and am posting some material I’ve already written. I hope this serves as a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn about it.