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Protected: Upgrading to mv.NET v4.2

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BlueFinity: Partner and Competitor

I just found out that BlueFinity International is hosting a webinar today at 3pm Eastern time to profile Solution Objects, which is an amazing new component of mv.NET. I’ll invite you to their session, but with tongue firmly in cheek I’ll ask you not to buy anything from them.

U2.NET – Where’s the value?

When IBM purchased a license for mv.NET to re-brand as U2.NET, I thought they were going to offer it as a free value-add benefit to their clients. OK, strip out the cross-platform capability, nail it to U2, and give people a development kit that’s a generation beyond UO.NET. That seemed like a good business move. [...]

XML to/from MV – Part 1

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately with XML data. I’m just importing from XML to MV right now but exporting MV to XML can be the same thing in reverse. Here is part 1 of a multipart discussion on the topic.


I recently assisted a client with an upgrade of mv.NET from v3.2 to v4.0. This is one of the value-add services provided to our clients who purchase mv.NET from us. A minor code change was required.

mv.NET Session Management Summary

To respond to a request from one of our clients, and provide a general response for many people who ask similar questions, I am providing here a basic summary of how session management works with mv.NET. This isn’t one of my normal articles, just some info to help some people get started.

More MV integration with Microsoft Outlook

Several years ago I had a product called NebulaManager which had a significant amount of functionality, allowing bi-directional data movement between MV and Microsoft Office. For various reasons it never really got off the ground. Recently I’ve been spending a lot more time with Outlook, the most recent "conquest" being a utility that moves appointments [...]

I thought I’d take another shot at this topic of code generation, to define some terms and set the informational base that may help more people to understand and get excited about my other blog entry on this topic.

CodeSmith, .netTiers, code generation, etc

This is a quick request for a show of hands as to how many of you have done any work with code generation for clients to MV – or how many of you may be interested in rapid code generation for new MV user interfaces.

Using mv.NET with U2

As mentioned recently I upgraded my Universe and Unidata Personal Editions to the latest releases. Actually I just did trial runs earlier in the week but today I did the real thing. After upgrading UniAdmin, Uni SDK, Universe and Unidata, I checked telnet connectivity, then decided to check my mv.NET connectivity. I thought I’d share [...]

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